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BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023: Best New Product Awards – trend-based, innovative, and award-worthy

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The winners of the Best New Product Awards at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023 are innovative companies recognized by the international organic food and natural and organic cosmetics community. This year, close to 36,000 trade visitors at the combined trade fair had all four days of the event to vote for their favourites among the individual products and series registered at the two Novelty Stands. The votes have now been counted and the winners of the total of 14 awards in 7 categories have been chosen for BIOFACH and VIVANESS. These include innovations that also reflect the trends of this year’s trade fair, such as “Vegan meets Tradition” (BIOFACH) and “Self Empowerment” (VIVANESS).

Some of the trends represented by BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023 are also reflected in this year’s winners of the Best New Product Awards. In the case of “Vegan meets Tradition”, for example, winners at BIOFACH include an almond-based “cheese alternative” (Mandorino) from Italy. Another of the coveted awards goes to the vegan brand Uhhmami founded by Michelin-star chef Frank Lantz, which transforms traditional dishes into delicious plant-based alternatives. In the company’s own words, Uhhmami “isn’t all about imitating the elements of meat-based flavours but rather reinventing them to create brand-new tastes using fresh, organic and cruelty-free ingredients.” These products developed in Denmark are organic, plant-based flavours and bouillons.

Winners of the Best New Product Awards at VIVANESS include representatives of the “Natural Skinification” (holistic hair cosmetics) and “Self Empowerment” trends. “MAGIC MASK – Super Hair Food” from the Italian company N&B won in the hair care category, whereas products from the French company Goliate, including a silky-smooth intimate gel, hot and cold female orgasmic gel and vulva care, exemplified the
“Self-Empowerment” trend.

Here are all the winners of the Best New Product Awards at BIOFACH (by category):

  • Fresh food:
  • Frozen food:
    followfood GmbH (D): Bio Pizza Bianca vegan
  • Grocery products, cooking & baking:
    SONNENTOR Kräuterhandels GmbH (A): Chakalaka , Harissa, 5-Spice-Powder, Greek Salad Seasoning, Umami Spice Preparation organic package
  • Grocery products, snacks & sweets:
    Nungesser AG (CH): Kenari nuts
  • Other grocery products:
    Uhhmami Aps (DK): Uhhmami – BACON’ish, BEEF’ish, BLUE CHEESE’ish, CHEESE’ish, CHICKEN’ish, OCEAN’ish, TRUFFLE’ish, VEGETABLES
  • Drinks:
    primoza GmbH (D): The Growable Tea
  • Non-Food:
    Koriolis GmbH (D): AKINOD cutlery set 12H34

The winners of the Best New Product Awards at VIVANESS in the different categories are:

  • Face care:
    Marianne GmbH (D): Faltenbügler (Anti-wrinkle serum)
  • Body care:
    Charlotte Meentzen Kräutervital Kosmetik GmbH (D): TUJU - the new skincare series for families (Stretch Mark Oil, Feel-Good Body Lotion, Relaxing Shower Cream, Cleansing Face Gel, Nipple Balm, Dermaroller, Tummy Massage Oil, Emollient Bath Oil, Nappy Barrier Cream, cold and windy Weather Cream, Sensitiv Body Butter)
  • Hair care:
    N&B srl Società benefit (I): MAGIC MASK – Super Hair Food
  • Decorative cosmetics:
    Stoffschmiede GmbH (D): Color Pen • The Multi-Stick for cheeks, lips, eyes
  • Special cosmetics/care:
    N&B srl Società benefit (I): MAGIC BUTTER – Instant Rescue
    Skin & Lips - spf15
  • Drugstore articles:
    The Bamboovement B.V. (NL):
    “The world’s most natural disposable Razor”
  • Wellness products:
    LAMOJI SARL (GOLIATE) (F): Silky-Smooth Initmate Gel, Hot & Cold Female Orgasm Gel, Vulva Care

And here are the latest trends from BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023: “New Glocal”, “Vegan meets Tradition”, “Less is more” and “New Sweeteners” (BIOFACH), and “Natural Skinification”, “Self-Empowerment”, “Less is more” and “Baby & Kids” (VIVANESS).

All the information on the trends at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2023 along with examples can be found at:

www.biofach.de/en/trend-handout and www.vivaness.de/en/trend-handout