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Experience the World of OLIVE OIL at BIOFACH 2018

Experience the World of OLIVE OIL
Experience the World of OLIVE OIL
Experience the World of OLIVE OIL

More interaction with a new concept and the “Flavour Challenge”


“Experience the World of OLIVE OIL” at BIOFACH 2018 features a new stand concept that will draw in trade visitors to the exhibition even more powerfully in both sensory and visual ways.

Visitors who would like to learn all about the benefits of organically produced olive oil at the world’s leading trade fair for organic food now has even more ways to do so. The tried and tested concept of “Experience the World” has been optimised in some points and innovations have been added. Popular elements, such as the lectures by experts in cookery, science and the senses, have been supplemented by a wide range of tasting sessions.

The clear focus on the advisory services at Experience the World of OLIVE OIL is reflected in the compact stand design which accommodates all services and contacts directly on the spot. The rectangular counter now combines the area for the blind tasting for the Olive Oil Award and the open sampling area, and transitions into the “Flavour Challenge”, which is one of the innovations this year.

In the “Flavour Challenge”, anyone who is interested can smell six of the most frequently found flavours in unadulterated olive oil. These include: artichoke, apple, tomato leaf, unripe banana, freshly mown grass and almond. This is done using glasses containing the fresh natural product. Information panels then make the direct connection with the oils presented in the sampling area by listing which varieties typically contain these flavours. In parallel, exhibitors talk about the flavour profile of each oil.

Another innovation is the classification of the featured oils by the intensity of their fruitiness. This officially recognised categorisation is based on three levels of intensity for the olive oil fruit: light, medium and intense. In this way, trade visitors in the public tasting area can move through systematically on their own, following the illustrated panels as they go. Starting with the “light” oils, they can progress logically through “medium” to “intense”.

The lectures also aim to increase the interaction with participants in 2018. Alongside the pure olive oil tastings providing information about origins, typicity or production, tastings are also possible on the other themes at the same time. The scientific presentations on determining the origin and ingredients, for example, also offer tastings to give a sensory experience of the results of the research. Two chefs will demonstrate the use of olive oil in their kitchens using small samples. Finally, professional tastings will train participants for the blind tasting for the Olive Oil Award. This internationally recognised award is presented to the best olive oils submitted to Experience the World of OLIVE OIL purely on the basis of the assessments by the trade visitors. Another special feature of the award: the certificates are presented “live” on the Friday of the trade fair based on the data that has just been evaluated – an event that marks the high point of the extensive activities and opportunities offered by the trade fair.

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