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LivQ – nature’s power plant

livQ Team
Young innovative companies pavilion
livQ Team // © livQ

Nature offers a wide range of substances whose positive health benefits have been known for a long time. For example, people have been aware of the healing power of brewer’s yeast for thousands of years, and recipes exist that are more than 5,000 years old. Brewer’s yeast promotes the regeneration of human cells and has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin and the resilience of connective tissue. It also encourages the growth and regeneration capacity of individual cells. These positive effects of brewer’s yeast are primarily due to an especially effective and readily tolerated combination of various natural B vitamins.

However, it’s only recently that research has been conducted into the manifold effects of brewer’s yeast. Brewer’s yeast consists of spherical, single-cell yeast fungi of the genus Saccharomyces. It is a micro-organism which quickly reproduces and propagates through sprouting. This takes place in a fermentation process through a mixture of water, hops and malt, the most important ingredients for brewing beer.

LivQ organic primary yeast is recovered from toxin-free organic wort and in the process is enriched with valuable ingredients. The powerful brewer’s yeast contains valuable B vitamins, prebiotic yeast cells and bio-available vital substances. “We opted for the original form and our organic quality liquid brewer’s yeast gives us a unique selling point on the market,” says livQ founder Renate Ladner.

For special product quality, the company also opted for organic essences for its second product range. The organic essences are produced from 31 plant-based organic raw substances and fermented with lactic acid bacteria from livQ’s own cultivation. In the company’s own Propaferm® manufacturing process, the long fermentation process is allowed to take its natural course and is not halted artificially. Afterwards, the organic essence is filtered and decanted in undiluted form. “The process creates a mature product that does not need any heating whatsoever. Our livQ organic essences have raw food quality and naturally contain vitamin B12”, says Renate Ladner.

The team that originally founded livQ has been researching fermented quality products and their effects for many years, so knows their potential and where optimisation and improvement are possible. The results prompted them to leave familiar territory and start their own company.

livQ (www.livQ.de) is one of exhibitors at the Pavilion for Young Innovative Companies, which receives funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) and is designed for newcomers and start-ups from Germany. At BIOFACH (www.biofach.de), the world’s leading fair for organic food from 14 - 17 February 2018, a total of 20 companies will be showcasing their products and solutions at this pavilion located in Hall 9.