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Berlin Organics: targeted superfoods

Berlin Organics Klaas Koolman
Berlin Organics Klaas Koolman // © Berlin Organics

A gorilla adorns the “Kraftpaket” (Power Package), a swan the “Beauty Queen”, a tortoise the “Schutzschild” (Protective Shield) and a frog the green “Saubermann” (“Mr Clean”) mix. Every animal is a catchy and humorous symbol for the wishes of different target groups. Newcomer Berlin Organics spices up the “Superfoods” category with its special mixtures for special applications and its individual designs.

When it comes to nutrition, many consumers feel not only overwhelmed but also uncertain. Every new dietary and nutritional option comes with new rules or suggestions. That takes the fun out of it for many. “Healthy nutrition needs to be fun again,” says founder and CEO Klaas Koolman, who wants to make entry into this product range easier for the newcomers to the superfoods sector in particular. The mixtures are each tailored to a particular requirement, which makes them easier to use than individual superfoods. Just a few teaspoonfuls of the drink powder are enough to enrich a “green smoothie” with additional nutrients, for example. And as a superfood topping for muesli and porridge, they can complement the menu for health-conscious individuals.

For Koolman, Berlin Organics completes the circle. As an adviser on international development cooperation, he used to come into contact with a range of superfoods. He couldn’t shake off the idea of using the sale of high-quality foodstuffs to encourage direct economic and social development in their countries of origin. “Berlin Organics is not only the result of a personal journey, but is also the expression of this city, where so much comes together,” he comments.

The products are purely vegetable-based: animals appear only on the packaging, not inside it. “We only make what we ourselves would like to eat,” the “superfoodie” notes. “That’s why all our products are gluten, milk protein and lactose-free. Nature offers everything we need. By our definition, healthy products that are meant to encourage our well-being should not contain any artificial additives.”

Berlin Organics is introducing its new product BAOWOW Hydration at BIOFACH 2018. The company says it is Germany’s first isotonic thirst-quencher containing natural, bio-certified, direct-trade ingredients. “Active sportspeople in particular tend to have a greater awareness of healthy, natural nutrition,” says Koolman. A springing cheetah, native to Africa, was chosen to represent the sporting objective of the new product, since the baobab powder used in BAOWOW Hydration comes from a fair trade arrangement with Zimbabwe, where 3,500 families are able to improve their income by selling it.

Berlin Organics (www.berlinorganics.de) is one of the exhibitors at the Young Innovative Companies Pavilion, which is sponsored by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) and is aimed at newcomers and start-ups in Germany. A total of 20 companies will introduce themselves in Hall 9 at BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food (www.biofach.de), from 14 to 17 February 2018.