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BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2017 top 50,000 visitors

Closing report

More than 50.000 visitors at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2017
More than 50.000 visitors at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2017

The exhibition duo consisting of BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, and VIVANESS, the International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care, set a new record in 2017 by welcoming a total of 51,453* trade visitors through their doors. People travelled to Nuremberg for the industry get-togethers from 134 countries this time, were impressed with the range of products offered by the 2,793 exhibitors (258 of these were at VIVANESS) from 88 countries and allowed themselves to be inspired by the country of the year Germany. The organic industry as a whole has continued to progress too: In 2016, German households spent 9.9 % more on organic food and drink than in the year before, with sales amounting to EUR 9.48bn according to the German Federation of the Organic Food Industry (BÖLW). More and more customers are opting for natural cosmetics as well. The results of a joint survey conducted by naturkosmetik konzepte, the Society for Consumer Research (GfK), IRI, IMSHealth and BioVista show that the German natural cosmetics market has a market share of 8.5 % and is worth EUR 1.15bn, meaning it is the strongest natural cosmetics market in Europe.

Petra Wolf, a member of NürnbergMesse’s management board, said: “After four successful days at the two exhibitions, we and the organic industry are pleased that there was a great atmosphere in the halls and that those who came were able to meet high-quality contacts. As well as by the country of the year Germany, plenty of inspiration was provided by the STADTLANDBIO (CITYCOUNTRYORGANIC) congress and the varied programme entitled NUREMBERG THE ORGANIC CITY. We’re already looking forward to the next edition of the exhibition duo and seeing all the market players for BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2018.”

Dr Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein, the chairman of the German Federation of the Organic Food Industry (BÖLW), was also very positive, saying: “The exhibition centre became a lively international market place dominated by impressed exhibitors and visitors in aisles of BIOFACH. The fact that this trade fair is attended by a number of top political, administrative and diplomatic corps representatives means it has become one of the main places for debates concerning the future of the food and organic farming industries. With Germany appearing as the country of the year, the German organic enterprises at the exhibition were able to highlight their abilities in the areas of innovation and sustainability in a special way.”

Markus Arbenz, the managing director of BIOFACH’s international patron, IFOAM – Organics International, was impressed with this year’s edition of the industry get-together too and said: “It’s been a record year for the organic sector and a record year for BIOFACH! The trade fair reflects the great mood in the industry excellently. It is where attention is drawn to the topics that affect the professionals in production, trade, services and politics and that people have to be aware of if they want to be successful with organic products. For both Germany and the rest of the world, organic farming is a tool that can be used to achieve the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals, which are officially supported by most countries.”

Satisfied exhibitors and visitors at BIOFACH and VIVANESS

The exhibitors at the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food were extremely satisfied at the end of the event. According to a survey carried out by an independent institute, 89 % of  the exhibitors at BIOFACH said the exhibition had been a success overall. 93 % praised the quality of the visitors at their stands and were able to reach their target groups, while conversations at their stands also led to the initiation of new business relationships for 93 %. In addition, 85 % expect post-exhibition business as a result of contacts acquired over the four days. Following the pleasing response to their products, 88 % of the BIOFACH exhibitors intend to take part again in the future. As regards the visitors, 97 % were happy with the range of products available and 94 % plan to come again.

This year’s International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care impressed exhibitors and visitors in every respect as well. 90 % of the exhibiting enterprises said the exhibition had been a success overall, while 94 % were satisfied with the quality of the visitors who came to their stand and 93 % were able to reach their most important target groups. 85 % said they would be returning to VIVANESS again in the future. There were similar sentiments among the visitors too: 96 % of these were happy with the range of products displayed and 90 % plan to come again.

Information and networking: congresses attended by over 8,000 

The 2017 BIOFACH and VIVANESS congresses drew great interest from all the market players too. The industry and knowledge forums, which included over 120 different events altogether, were attended by a total of 8,125. The most popular event relating to Germany as the country of the year was the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s (BMEL) presentation on its strategy for the future of organic farming (ZÖL), which was attended by over 150. The event with the most attendees overall was “Global Market Overview”, which was attended by over 240. The area of market research in the VIVANESS Congress also attracted special interest. More than 100 attended the presentation entitled “The 2016 natural cosmetics year: looking back and looking forward”.

VIVANESS 2017: inspiration, dynamism and variety

Like BIOFACH, the 2017 edition of its natural personal care counterpart held for a cosmetics market which is becoming greener all the time ended with good results. In addition to the pavilions of VIVANESS’s two honorary sponsors, COSMOS and NATRUE, visitors showed keen interest in numerous other highlights. These ranged from the novelty stand displaying 196 innovative products to the “German Newcomers” pavilion, which was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and housed 10 exhibitors, to the young innovative companies from abroad involved in the special show Breeze. With representatives from nine countries, Breeze was even more international than in 2016 and included enterprises from Australia and the USA among others.

Harald Dittmar, the managing director of German Association of Industrial and Retail Companies for Medicines, Health Foods, Food Supplements and Cosmetics (BDIH), which is one of the founding members of COSMOS, said: “VIVANESS 2017 was a complete success for COSMOS and the BDIH. Even the companies from abroad exhibiting COSMOS-certified products at the COSMOS pavilion this year for the first time were all very happy with their experience at VIVANESS. This shows that the market for natural and organic cosmetics is continuing to grow steadily and that there are good opportunities even for smaller companies and start-ups. The demand for certification in accordance with the COSMOS standard has increased significantly once again both in and outside of Germany, and the fact that compliance with the standard became compulsory for all COSMOS members on 01.01.2017 is bound to have contributed here. As one of VIVANESS’s honorary sponsors, we were delighted to be able to enrich the trade fair with an appearance dominated by internationality.”

Klara Ahlers, the president of NATRUE, said: “Congratulations on producing such successful trade fairs! Over 50,000 visitors confirms how great the international interest in BIOFACH and VIVANESS and in the organic and natural cosmetics industries is. VIVANESS informed, inspired and showcased current trends through product worlds, a specialised supporting programme and discussions. As an honorary sponsor of VIVANESS, we are pleased it was a success. It is an international meeting place and an important shop window for certified natural cosmetics and NATRUE. We marked NATRUE’s 10th birthday at VIVANESS and can’t imagine a better place to have celebrated the occasion. The NATRUE team met a lot of interesting people and were able to acquire a large number of new contacts. The 10 exhibitors in the NATRUE pavilion were also very happy.”

BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2017 Best New Product Awards

A wide range of newly developed products and innovative discoveries were presented at the BIOFACH and VIVANESS novelty stands once again in 2017. There were 770 new products registered for these two stands altogether (BIOFACH: 574, VIVANESS: 196), and visitors were given the opportunity vote for those products that, in their eyes, were the most interesting and worthy of recognition.

The lucky winners of the resulting Best New Product Awards can be viewed at www.biofach.de/best-new-product and www.vivaness.de/best-new-product.

The Olive Oil Awards were also presented in the OLIVE OIL World of Experience at BIOFACH. A list of the winners here can be viewed at www.biofach.de/olive-oil-award.

BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2018 will be taking place from 14 to 17 February 2018 at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg – and will include halls 8 and 4A this time.

*The visitor, exhibitor and area figures for these exhibitions have been certified in accordance with the standard definitions formulated by the FKM, the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics.