12 - 15 February 2020 // Nuremberg, Germany
BIOFACH 2020 Trends

Less packaging, more regional content and more biodiversity: What motivates the organic world in 2020

Sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging materials are among the most important trends in the industry. In addition to regional products and open pollinated varieties, "vegan" is a dominant theme on the organic market.
BIOFACH 2020 Trend - Packaging


Rather than waiting for the next new product, many customers would rather have their favourite items in environmentally friendly packaging, or not packaged at all. Organic is more than just a question of the contents. Manufacturers are clearly making an effort to improve their existing packaging and are being careful to use as little material as necessary. They are utilizing reusable containers, and are supporting reforestation projects to offset their carbon footprint. In addition to alternative materials like beeswax cloths to wrap foodstuffs, there is a noticeable trend toward the use of smart products such as powdered dishwasher detergent or cleaning tabs in place of traditional liquid cleaning agents.
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BIOFACH 2020 Trend - Vegan

Vegan 2.0

The market for vegan products continues to grow and now extends to all product groups. Barista milk alternatives, almond butter with algae, organic oat cream, coconut whipped cream and gourmet jackfruit salads are just a few examples of the constantly growing variety of vegan products. Those with a sweet tooth have a wide range of new taste options to look forward to, as vegan desserts still represent an important trend.
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BIOFACH 2020 Trend - Seeds

Open pollinated vatieties

Organic breeding is only viable for the future if it makes an active contribution to biodiversity. Unlike hybrids, open pollinated plants are turning our focus back to older species. For farmers, this means greater independence from the small number of major suppliers around the world, since they can obtain the seed they need for future years from their own cultivation. This is a development that also has benefits for biodiversity: organically certified meadow orchards provide a home for up to 5,000 animal and plant species, making them some of Central Europe’s most species-diverse biotopes. Major chain store operators are becoming more politically aware or are committing to maintaining genetic variety in their seed stocks, and thus to organic cultivation with a future.
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BIOFACH 2020 Trend - Region


Products with a regional origin have their own history, which creates an emotional connection for the consumer. One example is rice from Austria, which supports local agriculture and gives consumers the ability to choose products that would otherwise have to be transported thousands of kilometres around the world. The idea of end-to-end regional supply is also on the rise, enabling customers to obtain locally sourced vegetables, fruit, bread, juice, noodles, vegetable milk and many other products. This model not only suits consumer tastes but has already been recognized with a high-profile award.
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