New stars in the natural cosmetics heaven

New stars in the natural cosmetics heaven

At VIVANESS 2024, the Best New Product Award was once again given out in seven categories. We talked to the winning companies and now present the winning products.

BIOFACH 2024 - Novelty Stand
VIVANESS is the place to discover the latest market innovations. The Novelty Stand provides a comprehensive overview of innovations in the natural and organic personal care industry. Each year, trade visitors choose their favourites in seven categories from among these product innovations. Those selected receive the Best New Product Award – a distinction highly coveted by exhibitors. This year’s winning products once again cover a broad spectrum and reflect the trade fair’s product trends, which were chosen before the trade fair by a Trend Jury consisting of industry experts on the basis of the new products submitted.
BNP Body Butter

Body butter for well-being in every situation in life

N&B S.r.l. Società Benefit emerged the winner in the Body Care category with its product Body Butter – skin super food. This rich body butter follows the Sensory Beauty product trend, according to which a daily skin care and beauty program is far more than just functional. Products are no longer aimed exclusively at external beauty, but also at supporting personal well-being in every situation in life. Haptic and sensory experiences play a tremendous role, with factors such as fragrance and texture at the forefront.

BNP Solid sunscreen

Uncompromising sun protection – including for sports

Texture also plays a role in the winning product in the Face Care category, Solid sunscreen from 4peoplewhocare GmbH. CEO Marc Seipel explains the product’s properties: “What’s special about solid sunscreen is the effect and texture at LSF 50. Unlike liquid creams, our solid version with its very lean formula of six ingredients isn’t at all sticky and doesn’t leave behind an oily film.” Benno Hinrichsmeyer, CEO of 4peoplewhocare GmbH, adds: “The idea was inspired by recreational sports and the fact that the team of founders started to have children. We’re all enthusiastic outdoor athletes and now we’re also fathers, which makes us want to do as little damage to nature as possible. There has long been a need for a sustainable LSF 50 sunscreen that’s water-proof, easy to apply and doesn’t contain any harmful nano sun block.”

Moisture boost for dry hair

In the Hair Care category, another winning product from the area of highly beneficial cosmetics is Hairsplash – Moisturizing spray for the hair from Greendoor Naturkosmetik GmbH. Managing Director Sabine Puchmayr describes the motives that led to the development of this product: “Our hair is constantly subject to drying influences. In the winter, it’s heated air, in the summer it’s heat and UV rays, plus hair dryers and environmental influences. So it was high time to develop a product that provides a totally uncomplicated way of restoring moisture to hair. Spray it on and you’re done.” Commenting on the Best New Product Award, she says: “The votes tell us that our Hairsplash Neroli is in line with the spirit of the times. The award spurs us on and motivates us to implement new ideas.”


The future of packaging solutions in dental care

The Best New Product in the Special Cosmetics/Care category was teethlovers organic toothpowder in compostable refill bags from Purpose Products GmbH. This toothpowder comes in bio-based, home-compostable packaging. Marie Greive, co-founder and Managing Director of Purpose Products GmbH, explains the motives behind the new packaging solution. “By using bio-based packaging, we want to support research in this direction, because we see no future in the use of petroleum-based plastic.” She continues: “teethlovers organic toothpowder already won the Best New Product Award in 2022 and the refill bags have now won in 2024. The award confirms our own conviction that it’s time for a tooth care revolution, for teethlovers organic toothpowder and for sustainable packaging solutions!”“

BNP turn

A more sustainable shower experience in a jiffy

In the Drugstore Articles category, trade visitors were drawn to the innovative turn starter kit from turn of beauty GmbH. Katharina Geissel, founder and Managing Director of turn of beauty GmbH, explains how the product is used: “The ‘turn’ is kept in the shower. It’s a refillable dispenser filled with little shower balls, called ‘turn.ies’. Rotating the turn dispenses one that is completely used up. The other turn.ies stay inside the turn, fully protected against moisture.” Regarding the product’s origin story: “I originally studied mechanical engineering and worked as an engineer for years. The births of my children strengthened my awareness of sustainability. I wanted to avoid shower gel in plastic bottles and change to solid soap instead. Although the solid soap was environmentally friendly, it was also cumbersome. That same evening, I designed the prototype of the dispenser and 3D-printed it. I immediately mixed the first version of the shower balls in our food processor. The idea of the ‘turn’ was born.”

BNP Bath tabs and bath bombs

Disney-inspired bath time without ifs, ands or buts

Parenthood also played a role in the creation of the winning product in the Wellness Products category. The “Frozen” and “Jungle Book” bath bombs and bath tabs from Outdoor Freakz GmbH were inspired by the children of company owner and founder Martin Schoenitz. “True story: I was never allowed to bring home bath additives for my children. To quote my wife, ‘So much plastic waste and aggressive chemicals, no thanks!’ For the sake of my two daughters, I wanted to change that! Our bath additives for kids use no plastic (100-percent paper packaging) and are 100-percent certified natural cosmetics, no ifs, ands or buts about it. They’re also associated with heroes from their favourite Disney films. Using our alternatives is an absolute no-brainer!”

BNP Lipflower Lipstick

Empowerment and performance meet sustainability

Last but not least, visitors to the trade fair backed Lipflower Lipstick from Bio Make-Up by Shaoyun as the winning product in the Decorative Cosmetics category. This product follows this year’s VIVANESS product trend Empower Your Beauty, according to which the range of decorative natural cosmetics is becoming more and more varied and the demand is growing. Lipflower Lipstick is made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs and is titanium dioxide-free. Like this prize-winning lipstick, many natural cosmetic beauty products are gaining more followers thanks to their strong performance and radiant colours.


Anna Frede

Anna Frede

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