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Join the world‘s leading trade show network for organic products!

The leading exhibitions in the BIOFACH World connect organic marketplaces with international demand in 8 key economic regions of the world – and promote the development of regional markets at the same time. They are the meeting places for supply and demand, raw materials and convenience products, manufacturers and buyers, as well as politics and media.

BIOFACH: World's Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food

Nuremberg, Germany
February 11 – 14, 2025

The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food is an important business event, an emotional event for the sector, and both a get-together and an opportunity for positioning.


BIOFACH AMERICA: International Trade Fair for Organic Products

Atlana, Georgia
June 2 – 4, 2025

The US organic market is the largest worldwide. In 2022, organic food sales totaled at USD 61.7 billion. Over the past 10 years, organic sales have more than doubled as Americans are eating and using more organic products than ever before. Organic produce, often the entry point for new organic buyers, easily held its position as the top seller of all organic categories.


BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR: International Trade Fair of Organic Products and Agroecology

São Paulo, Brazil
June 12 - 15, 2024

The awareness of healthy and organic food chases structured food trade
Latin America is the third largest region of organic land worldwide with organic sales in Brazil amounting to around US$1.03 billion in 2020. BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA co-located with BIO BRAZIL FAIR and Naturaltech opens its doors for all members of the organic movement in Brazil who want to explore new distribution channels.


BIOFACH CHINA: International Organic Trade Fair and Conference

Shanghai, China
June 13 - 15, 2024

Growing market with high demand for safe food
Based on the FiBL survey issued during BIOFACH 2022, China is the 4th largest market for organic food and ranked 2nd in organic market growth. After 17 years of development, BIOFACH CHINA accumulates a large number of professional visitors with mature organic concept, and will help the global organic products to establish deep links with Chinese buyers.


BIOFACH INDIA: International Organic Trade Fair and Conference

Delhi-NCR, India
August 3 - 5, 2024

Organic market on the rise with growing buying power
The Indian organic food market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 25.25 % during 2022-2027, with increasing demand for herbs, spices-based value-added products and millets. The pandemic has provided a welcome boost to India's growing preference for organic foods and goods, Organic food sales have skyrocketed since March 2020, reflecting a shift in consumer values. BIOFACH INDIA attracts participation from various Indian states, farmer producer organizations, and corporates. BIOFACH India is more than a trade fair and networking platform, it supplements knowledge and education through a series of programs and expert-talks.


BIOFACH JAPAN: International Organic Trade Fair and Conference

Tokyo, Japan
October 25 - 27, 2024

Japan’s low share of arable land leads to high demand of imported organic food and beverages. Being part of BIOFACH JAPAN offers the opportunity to attract qualified Japanese traders, wholesalers, retailers and food service buyers as well as organic enthusiasts from all over Japan.


BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA: International Organic Hub for the MENA region

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
November 11 - 13, 2024

The organic sector in the Middle East is developing fast. Shelf space for organic food & beverages has increased by over 60% in the past 5 years according to As one of the largest countries in the Middle East and the North African region, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in the development of the organic sector – from rural production to shelf – and identifies this as one important key for the future.


BIOFACH SOUTH EAST ASIA: International Organic Trade Fair and Conference

Bangkok, Thailand

BIOFACH SOUTH EAST ASIA aims to be an information and communication platform for the entire South East Asian organic region. BIOFACH SOUTH EAST ASIA was founded in Bangkok in July 2018 as the seventh member of the BIOFACH World.

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