Trends BIOFACH 2024

Trends BIOFACH 2024

Discover the trade fair and sector trends of BIOFACH 2024 selected by the Trend Jury.

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Industry Trends


We are seeing the beginning of a transformation of the agricultural system away from the exploitation of the planet towards the revitalization of nature. The focus on holistic, circular systems is of central importance here. In the course of growing efforts to protect the climate, regenerative agriculture based on organic farming is experiencing an upswing.


Personal and Planetary Health

Individual health is becoming an important topic. However, it is not viewed in isolation, but with a view to the health of the planet. This movement can be observed above all in the growing young generation, which is placing greater emphasis on healthy, climate-friendly food. The Planetary Health Diet and the increasingly widespread vegan diet play an important role here. At the same time, older generations are redefining the topic of ageing by focusing on extending healthy years through a conscious and balanced diet.

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Product Trends

Sweet Soulfood

Indulgent feasting under the banner of responsible organic nutrition. From drinks and ice cream to desserts - the trend is delighting those with a sweet tooth in all situations. A large part of the diverse product range focuses on tasty vegan and plant-based alternatives to tried and tested classics.

Product examples:

1. HAKUMA | HAKUMA BIO CAFFÈ L^TTE (vegan iced coffee)
2. lini's bites | vegan ice cream bars
3. La Lémance | Crème brûlée
4. UDEA | Ice Cream Factory |

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Consumers' awareness and desire for more transparency and traceability in the value chain is constantly increasing. The focus here is on the disclosure of animal husbandry standards as well as the origin and production method of products. The debate about genetic engineering and personal freedom of choice remains a hot topic here.

Product examples:

1. Aurora kaas | Aurora | Mama Kuh Demeter Gouda 
2. followfood | organic chocolate cocoa & cashew butter, vegan
3. BAVARIER Alpenbiometzgerei | Bavarian organic sausage and ham products
4. Conflictfood | Organic saffron from Afghanistan

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Mushroom Mania

Mushrooms - Nature's little wonders impress with their consistency and variety of flavors and can be used in a variety of culinary ways. They contain high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals. They can satisfy all cravings, from spicy, protein-rich meat substitutes to trendy superfood drinks with medicinal mushrooms.

Product examples:

1. Neuburger Meatless | Hermann.Bio | Hermann.Bio Fungi Pad
2. goodmoodfood | Vital Mushroom Cocoa - Rise Up & Shine
3. iconic drinks | Blue Farm | Chagaccino 
4. biovegan | My vegan bacon substitute made from mushrooms

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Clear-Headed Joy

The consumption of alcohol is increasingly perceived as harmful to health. Being sober is becoming a health-conscious lifestyle that is fun and varied. This is leading to an increase in demand for alternatives that imitate alcoholic drinks and are just as appealing and mature in taste as wine, beer and spirits. Toast and celebrate with a clear head!

Product examples:

1. Dschinn | VENEZERO Aperitivo Spritz Non-alcoholic
2. Neumarkter Lammsbräu | Naturtrüb non-alcoholic
3. SPARKTEEZ | Sparkling tea without alcohol (fruit secco)
4. Feral | Non-alcoholic beverages to accompany meals



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