BIOFACH 2024: Shape the future in the SustainableFutureLab


BIOFACH 2024: Shape the future in the SustainableFutureLab

In addition to the BIOFACH Congress, the SustainableFutureLab is another new format that focuses on future topics in the organic food sector.

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The ecological transformation of the global food system, current challenges and the future of the organic sector will all come under the spotlight in 2024 at BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for organic food. This time around, however, these topics will not just be discussed on the exhibition floors and at the BIOFACH Congress but will also be addressed in a new format, the SustainableFutureLab.

From 13–16 February 2024, stakeholders from the entire value chain for organic food will once again gather at BIOFACH in Nuremberg to shape the ecologically sustainable transformation of the global food system. The SustainableFutureLab will provide new, open and collaborative interactive spaces to help them do so. 

“Through the SustainableFutureLab at BIOFACH 2024, we aim to facilitate discussion and co-creative input about the future of the organic sector and an ecologically sustainable food revolution. This new event series adds yet another facet to BIOFACH’s interaction and dialogue spaces. And we want to invite the community to tackle even controversial, ambivalent issues and develop solutions in workshops and other interactive formats,” says Barbara Böck, Director Marketing for BIOFACH and VIVANESS at NürnbergMesse. “We are pleased to be creating the events for the premiere of the SustainableFutureLab with four different partners who have one thing in common, and it is something that drives us too at BIOFACH: We all believe that a sustainable future can become a reality. And we want the ecological (food system) transformation to succeed! In this context, BIOFACH aims to be a place where all ideas, perspectives, attitudes, and solutions are discussed collectively and where the organic system can be taken forward.”

GOOD FOOD COLLECTIVE x BIOFACH: Organic sector, who are you?

In 2024, the GOOD FOOD COLLECTIVE and the world’s leading fair for organic food are joining forces for the “Future Perspectives” event series as part of the SustainableFutureLab. The first two workshops in the series, which are intended for a German-speaking audience, will look at the future of the organic sector (“Future perspective: Organic sector, who are you?”), especially the retail segment, and will also explore the question of how the last two years of crisis have impacted the start-up culture (“Future perspective: “Start-ups and pioneers: innovation engine for the organic sector?”). The third event will then focus on the international environment. Under the heading “Organic Contemporary: Regenerative & Distributive?”, the workshop will explore the question of the extent to which the organic system is paving the path for the economy of the future.

“We are delighted that BIOFACH, the world’s most important trade fair for organic food, has chosen to partner with GOOD FOOD COLLECTIVE to design the SustainableFutureLab. Together, we are going to provide a platform for the top issues in the industry worldwide,” says Julian Stock, Co-Director of the Berlin-based GOOD FOOD COLLECTIVE (GFC). “We believe that the organic sector has the potential to become a game-changer in the food system, but that it is not yet unleashing its full potential. With its fresh perspectives and modern approaches, the GFC wants to help change this.”

All events for the SustainableFutureLab are organised with partners and co-hosted by BIOFACH. The topics covered by the SustainableFutureLab include best practices and crisis management in the organic sector (IFOAM EU Business Talks, under the heading “Organic Insights 2024: shaping the future of sustainable business”), the future of the organic sector (GOOD FOOD COLLECTIVE x BIOFACH), issues of intergenerational dialogue (Next Generation), and the influence of corporate culture on sustainable change (modem conclusa).

The planned programme for the SustainableFutureLab 

On three days of the trade fair, from Tuesday to Thursday (13 –15 February 2024), the SustainableFutureLab will present four different events with a total of six sessions. 
As well as the three interactive GOOD FOOD COLLECTIVE x BIOFACH workshops (14 and 15 Feb.), these are: the IFOAM EU Business Talks under the heading “Organic Insights 2024: shaping the future of sustainable business” straight after the opening of the fair on 13 February, a session by Iniciato on the topic “Next Gen” (14 Feb.) and the workshop “They all have it in them! How corporate culture drives change”, organised by modem conclusa (15 Feb.).

The final programme for the SustainableFutureLab will be available to download from the BIOFACH website ( from mid-January 2024. 



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